Our Services

Creatrix® provides our clients big business capability with small business agility. We are the catalyst of their success.

Software Engineering

Designing and developing software is more than just writing code. At Creatrix, the creation of new software and software components is guided by sound engineering principles. Among these principles are leveraging existing technologies, applying best practices, and using appropriate design patterns.

Systems Architecture

Creatrix® believes the key to success lies in a well-designed systems architecture. A sound architecture captures the high-level technical solution and shows how each component in the solution addresses the requirements.

Systems Integration

Solutions may be based on legacy systems, newly developed systems, and/or COTS products. The goal of Systems Integration is ensuring that they work together in a seamless manner. Creatrix® can integrate these systems by using middle wear, an ESB, or our own Software Engineering skills to develop custom connectors.

Systems Engineering

Creatrix® Systems Engineers select the most appropriate systems, network components, and software to meet the requirements and bring the technical solution to life.